Financial Health

Growing Financial HealthYou’ve probably come to Rockin’ Good Health because you care about your physical health, but what about your financial health? We know that tight finances cause stress, and stress is a major factor in poor physical health. Therefore, it makes sense to do what we can to secure our financial health, as we do our physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

The road to better financial health can start simply.

Keep More of Your Money

It makes sense to improve your financial health by spending less where you can. People know this, so they use tools to get cash back on everything they buy. 

For example, you may already use a credit card that gives you cash back rewards, points, etc. Great! You’re already using one of these tools. Likewise, you can get back even MORE of your purchasing dollars when you shop online, if you know where to go.

You’ll earn cash back for every qualified purchase made through SHOP.COM, from the same stores you already love and trust. The SHOP.COM Cashback symbol makes it easy to identify the more than 3,000 stores that offer Cashback, and redeeming is simple – just apply the Cashback amount at checkout or request a payout check.

You maximize your cash back benefits when you combine your rewards credit card and SHOP.COM — it adds up. 

Try it! Go to SHOP.COM and search for a product or store you already use, and see the Cashback possibilities.

Earn a Shopping Annuity®

Once you’ve used the Cashback system on SHOP.COM, you may want to take it to the next level. 

How? It’s simple. 

First, take an assessment to see just how much you can earn in Cashback (not to mention time). Then, direct your everyday spending toward funding your own Shopping Annuity®, and let others know about it. Who wouldn’t want to get cash back on every purchase

When you share SHOP.COM with others, you’ll earn additional income based on the everyday spending of your referrals. Every day income, sounds good, right?