Green Phase Reopening Information

June 19, 2020
UPDATE: July 16, 2020

Dear Clients,

Our region entered the Green phase of re-opening on Friday, June 26. This means that massage therapy is again permitted, with important safety guidelines. This message is to inform you of new and updated policies now that I am offering massage therapy once again.

I am currently accepting new appointments online.

  1. Symptoms: If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness, including fever, headache, chills, cough, sneezing, (allergies will be included in prohibited conditions), digestive illness, are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone who is sick or has recently traveled (within the past 14 days), I ask that we reschedule your appointment. I will be sure to do the same.
  1. Immunocompromised: If you or anyone in your family are immunocompromised, or you live with those in a vulnerable population, we should reschedule your appointment; it is not worth the risk.
  1. Local Cases/Travel: I am monitoring new case counts in the Lehigh Valley. If these counts begin to rise, I will have to temporarily close and cancel appointments, again. I cannot monitor infection rates everywhere, though. If you travel outside of the Lehigh Valley, I ask that you wait 14 days from your return to schedule your massage.
  1. COVID-19 Questions/Waiver: You will have to affirm, when or before you come in for your appointment, that none of the above reasons for rescheduling is the case. You will also have to sign a COVID-19 Waiver, indicating that while all precautionary measures are being taken, you acknowledge the risk of receiving a massage and possible transmission.
  1. Temperature: You will have your temperature taken upon arrival with a touchless, infrared thermometer. If you have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, your appointment will be cancelled.
  1. Masks: You must come into the office wearing a mask and must keep the mask on throughout your massage therapy session and the time you spend in the office. If you arrive with no mask, I can provide you with one. The only exception will be when you are face down on the massage table. Whenever you are not face down, the face mask must be worn. I will be required to wear a mask during the entire length your stay in the office, and I must use a clean mask for each client.
  1. Cleaning: I have always maintained high cleaning standards but prior to all appointments I will be disinfecting every surface with an approved cleaner/disinfectant. I will be wiping down all bottles, containers, pens, in addition to all surfaces, faucets, door handles, etc. All linens will be bagged, to be cleaned and sanitized at day’s end. As always, all linens used will be used exclusively for one client.
  1. Hygiene/Hand Washing: Prior to entering the treatment room, and upon exiting the treatment room, you will be required to apply hand sanitizer. You may, if you prefer, wash your hands at my wash-up sink. I will be washing my hands prior to beginning your massage, and when completing your massage. It is also possible that I could be washing my hands during a massage session as well. I will also be changing my scrubs between each massage session.
  1. Restrooms: My suite has no restroom facilities, only a wash-up sink. The Main Street Commons building has restrooms available to tenants, and their customers and clients. I suggest that you keep this in mind as you prepare for your appointment. I will be happy to provide disinfectant wipes for your use, and of course we have hand sanitizer and a wash-up sink in the office.
  1. Scheduling: Due to the additional time required to clean and disinfect the office, change my scrubs, linens, disinfect the massage table, and additional intake duties, etc., my schedule will be limited. I am budgeting one hour between massage appointments – twice the previous time between appointments. Please be patient with scheduling as these processes cannot be hurried.
  1. Changes: There will be some things that are different in your massage experience. Some of these changes are:
    • Treatment Room Environment: I will be using a HEPA air purifier in the treatment room, with the capacity to cycle the room’s air several times during each massage session. This will result in some additional noise, which is unavoidable.
    • Face Massage: For the time being I will not be massaging your face.
    • Payment/Tipping: To minimize contact during payment, all appointments booked online must be paid online at the time of booking. Likewise, if you book by phone, I will be asking for credit/debit card information at the time of booking. I am grateful whenever you tip, but it is not expected. If you wish to tip, please include that with your payment at the time of booking.
    • Prices: Going forward I will have to charge more for treatments because it is going to cost more to deliver quality services. New prices are posted on the website’s scheduling page. As always, all previously paid appointments (packages, gift certificates) will be honored at their original value.
    • Service Menu/Lomilomi: For the time being, I am not offering Lomilomi massage, as this style involves breath work that cannot be done while observing current safety standards. I may consider a modified form, omitting the breath, but that would be in the future.
    • Service Menu/Chair Massage: I am adding a 20-minute Chair Massage appointment to the appointment menu. Previously, chair massage was strictly a walk-in service. Now, in light of health concerns, chair massage may be the safest way I can offer massage, so I’ve added this as an appointment option.
  1. Special Note: It has been highly recommended, with all the new guidelines, that if you are over the age of 65, or in a vulnerable population; or live with someone in those categories, that you forgo massage therapy for now. This is not a requirement, but a strong suggestion. Please take it into consideration. That being said, you can rest assured that I am taking all safety precautions necessary should you decide to come in for an appointment.
  1. Everything depends on the numbers. I will be watching the new case counts for Lehigh and Northampton counties, and I will cancel appointments and temporarily close shop if these counts rise above my comfort level, regardless of the state giving permission for massage therapy.

I know this is a lot to digest but please understand that this is for both your safety and mine. I look forward to serving you again.

Rock in Good Health,

Sam Reichgott, LMT
Rockin’ Good Health, LLC