Loyalty Rewards Program

We Love Our Clients

At Rockin’ Good Health, we’re grateful to have so many loyal clients who value their health, and our services. We enjoy reading your reviews, and enjoy even more seeing you here. That’s why we launched our Loyalty Rewards Program.

Our Loyalty Rewards Program is all about massage!

Earn Points Towards FREE Massage Time

How to Earn Loyalty PointsClick to Book Your Massage

  • Earn 1 Point when you get a 30 minute massage*
  • Earn 2 Points when you get a 60 minute massage*
  • Earn 3 Points when you get a 90 minute massage*

When you check out after your massage, the system tells you how many points you just earned. You just enter your phone number. Then our Loyalty Rewards Program tallies your points under your phone number.

Redeem Points For FREE Massage Time

How to Redeem Loyalty Points

  • Redeem 10 Points for 30 minutes added to your 30 or 60 minute massage (so, make it 60 or 90 minutes)
  • Redeem 20 Points for a FREE 60 minute massage
  • Redeem 30 Points for a FREE 90 minute massage

When you come in, ask us to check your points, and if you have enough we’ll be happy to apply them to your bill, for FREE massage!

* Points are earned on purchases of massage from Rockin’ Good Health for yourself, and also when you purchase gift certificates from us.

   Purchasing our discount package specials counts the same as full-price single session purchases (1 point/30 minutes). For example, when you buy a 6-pack of 60 minute massages — at the package discount — you earn 6 x 2 = 12 points. You already earned a FREE 30 minute adder.

   Manual Lymph Drainage and The Lomi Lomi Experience earn points differently, owing to their pricing. Localized MLD (~30 minutes) earns 2 points, while Full Body MLD (~60 minutes) earns 3 points. The Lomi Lomi Experience earns 3 points. Again, discount package specials earn as above.

   Purchases made from 3rd parties, and promotional (e.g. charity raffle or other donation) gift certificates do not earn points.