Lehigh Valley Lypossage® offers the Lypossage® body contouring massage at Rockin' Good Health. 

Sam Reichgott, LMT is a certified Lypotherapist (CLt.), personally trained by Charles W. Wiltsie, III, LMT, creator of the Lypossage® massage method, and is certified to practice under the Lypossage® name.

What Is Lypossage®?

Lypossage® is a non-invasive, natural body treatment that helps to rid the body of retained fluids. The treatment is a specific blend of massage modalities based on Complex Physical Therapy for Lymphedema and Myofascial Massage.  It was created by Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT, an internationally recognized massage therapy educator and practitioner.

Mr. Wiltsie conducted a year-long study of 100 female subjects that documented the effectiveness of the technique, which was published in Massage and Bodywork Magazine in 1999. In the study, notable results included an average inch loss per thigh of almost 1 1/2 inches.

How Does it Work? Is it Safe?

Lypossage® cleanses the body of stagnant, stalled lymphatic fluid that can create the lumps and bulges we know as figure imbalance. The deeper Lypossage® strokes break up adhesions under the skin that can contribute to the dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite. Lypossage® also tones the muscles, lifting and firming sagging tissue.

Most clients find that Lypossage® enhances their energy and mental clarity. While there are some contraindications for specific medical conditions, Lypossage® can be safely experienced by most healthy individuals. It is much safer than surgical procedures such as liposuction. However, for those who opt for a more dramatic surgical result, Lypossage ® can be very beneficial before and after the liposuction procedure.

What Parts of the Body Respond to Lypossage®?

Lypossage® is performed on the lower body, including the buttocks, hip, thighs and lower abdomen, as well as the upper body, including the arms, and the face, neck and head. Lypossage® has some of its most dramatic effects on areas prone to sagging, such as the lower face and neck, as well as the buttocks and upper thighs.

How Are My Treatments Scheduled?

Treatments last about 30 minutes and are performed in a series of 18 sessions over the course of six weeks. It’s important to note that for most clients, it takes 8-10 sessions before the results of the initial treatments become noticeable. After that, progress can often be quite dramatic.

What are Some Typical Results? How Will I Know What Mine Are?


While results vary, cumulative dimension loss over five key measurement points averaged 6.75 inches in the original study. It is not uncommon to find cumulative inch loss of up to 11″. One client in the study lost almost 3″ in her waist measurement alone. Most women find that they will drop one or two dress sizes without a reduction in their weight.

Your Lypotherapist will weigh, photograph and measure you before you begin your program, and at key intervals to enable you to track your progress.

How Do I Get Started?

Call (484) 802-7365 today to schedule a private consultation at Rockin’ Good Health. You can find out more about your suitability for the program and have all your questions answered.

Where Can I Learn More?

Read more about Lypossage® in this article, which includes links to additional resources, including a copy of the original research article.

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