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Primary Benefits of nutraMetrix Isotonix® Activated B-Complex*

  • Contains activated forms of select B-vitamins to ensure optimal utilization by the body
  • Helps decrease stress and improve mood
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of serotonin
  • Increases energy
  • Meets need for B-vitamins in a vegetarian diet
  • May help protect telomeres, markers of DNA stability
  • May help in the maintenance of long term health
  • May support DNA integrity
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Promotes healthy levels of homocysteine
  • Promotes normal cognitive performance

Product Classifications

Product Classifications

Gluten Free – the finished product contains no detectable gluten

Vegetarian – nutraMetrix Isotonix Activated B-Complex is a vegetarian product

Isotonic-capable Drinkable Supplements – easy-to-swallow supplements in liquid form are immediately available to the body for absorption

Why Choose nutraMetrix Isotonix® Activated B-Complex

Why Choose nutraMetrix Isotonix® Activated B-Complex

nutraMetrix Isotonix Activated B-Complex delivers metabolically active forms of several vitamins and minerals in isotonic form, ensuring that your body receives and uses vital nutrients quickly and efficiently. B vitamins can provide you with a number of health benefits, however, some B vitamins, such as B6, B12 and folic acid, must undergo chemical changes before they can be utilized by the body. Furthermore, different factors, such as age and physical condition, may affect the body’s ability to activate vitamins on its own. If the non-active forms are used, the body is forced to work harder to gain the full benefit of the vitamin. These steps are eliminated when the forms used are already in their active states. By utilizing both the activated form of these vitamins, as well as the superior Isotonix delivery system, nutraMetrix Isotonix Activated B-Complex supports your body’s absorption and immediate use of beneficial ingredients.*

A lack of vitamin B in your regimen may impact your physical health in different ways. Hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body are supported by B vitamins, and vitamin B deficiency can lead to fatigue and lethargy. A B-complex vitamin is one component of eight essential B vitamins that are critical to metabolism at the cellular level. nutraMetrix Isotonix Activated B-complex helps to maintain healthy levels of serotonin, increase energy and decrease stress.*

Isotonic, which means “same pressure,” bears the same chemical resemblance of the body’s blood, plasma and tears. All fluids in the body have a certain concentration, referred to as osmotic pressure. The body’s common osmotic pressure, which is isotonic, allows a consistent maintenance of body tissues. In order for a substance to be absorbed and used in the body’s metabolism, it must be transported in an isotonic state.

nutraMetrix Isotonix dietary supplements are delivered in an isotonic solution. This means that the body has less work to do in obtaining maximum absorption. The isotonic state of the suspension allows nutrients to pass directly into the small intestine and be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. With nutraMetrix Isotonix products, little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients highly efficient while delivering maximum results.


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