Resolution Reboot 2019

Three Steps to Reboot Success:

1. Make a Commitment

  • Join the Rockin’ 2019 Clean Team on Facebook
  • Post your personal health goals there, ask a question, or just say ‘hi’! 
  • Be visible, be accountable, be supportive.
  • Remember, the rest of the team is there to support you, too.

Click to Join the Rockin' 2019 Clean Team

This is the Facebook group where we'll share our goals and questions, and support each other.
Support is the most important part of your Resolution Reboot, so don't skip this step!

2. Get Your 7-Day Cleanse and Detox Kit

  • Go to the nutraMetrix website
  • Read about the 7-Day Cleanse and Detox System
  • Purchase online, or in-store at Rockin’ Good Health in Bethlehem.
  • Make sure you have your kit in time for the MARCH 1st START DATE!

Click to Learn About the 7-Day Cleanse and Detox Kit

There's a LOT of information here. Take your time, and take it all in.
Then you can purchase online, or in-store.

3. Let's Rock - Starting March 1st!

  • Be sure to check-in with the Rockin’ 2019 Clean Team any time you have a question, or just need to vent!
  • Every day for 7 days:
  • Take two Release tablets, two hours after your first meal.
  • Drink 8 fluid ounces of the Advanced Fiber Powder drink mix.
  • Drink LOTS of water and other fluids throughout the day (a minimum of 32 ounces, optimally 64 ounces per day).
  • Eat LOTS of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. As much as you want! Ain’t it great?
  • INCREASE your exercise. Even a walk around the block counts, so do it!
  • LIMIT caffeine/coffee to one cup a day, at most!
  • REDUCE protein intake; AVOID eggs, meat, etc. to reduce strain on the liver.
  • AVOID sugar, artificial sweeteners, carbonated soft drinks, hydrogenated oils.
  • Take two Release tablets and two HepatoCleanse capsules at bedtime.
  • That’s it! You can do this! We can all do this together!

A Sample Detox Diet

Here’s a link to a sample diet you can use while we do the 7-Day Cleanse and Detox. If you compare it with the summary instructions above, you’ll find it’s a bit stricter (e.g. NO grains, versus WHOLE grains). The balance is up to you, based on your goals. I’m sharing this information with you so you can make your best, informed decisions.

As for me, I don’t actually have a *weight loss* goal; I’m mostly here for the detox and cleansing effects, so I’m going to keep it easy and not be hard on myself. Some whole grain bread is “in” for me, for example. 

There’s also a link in there for a great resource to look up your food’s glycemic index.