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Sam Reichgott, Licensed Massage Therapist

PA License MSG009661
Lehigh Valley's Best Therapeutic Massage for THREE YEARS in a row!

I believe the wellbeing of the client is paramount, and that the path to wellbeing is different for each person. That’s why a session at Rockin’ Good Health always begins by discussing your goals for massage. Where appropriate, we’ll explore the routines, habits, stresses and other bits of life that may be contributing to your current state. Then, we’ll plan the route to optimizing your wellbeing. Communication is key to ensuring that together we meet your goals and keep you always moving forward on your path.

Want to learn more about my outlook on massage? Here are two articles that capture it pretty well:

Education and Certifications

Therapeutic Massage

Graduate of National Massage Therapy Institute 720 hour program in Therapeutic Massage.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Certified in Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Technique) by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies.

Continuing Education

We continuously exceed PA State requirements for continuing education. Click to view the complete set of our CE certificates.

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Michelle Foley, Master Reiki Practitioner

Michelle Foley

I have been a practicing Occupational Therapist since 2000, specializing in treating neurological disorders.

In 2016, I was introduced to Reiki and took my first course to become a Reiki Level I practitioner. In 2018, I became a Reiki Level II practitioner and finally, in 2019, I took the third course to become a Master Reiki Practitioner.

Since then, I have been able to incorporate Reiki into my therapeutic treatment sessions and was seeing the benefits to my patients with managing pain, managing anxiety, aiding in improving sleep patterns and contributing to their overall healing and wellbeing.

Schedule With Michelle Using This Request Form

To schedule your Reiki session, please message Michelle, and she will contact you directly.

A Reiki session lasts approximately 1 hour, and costs $75.

    Our Quality is Based on Caring

    What Makes Us Different​

    No Short Sessions

    We advertise 30, 60, and 90 minute massages, and that’s exactly what you get. We add time in our schedule, before and after every massage, to discuss your needs and your results, and for room clean-up and changing. This means that time is not docked from the massage appointment. We understand that every client has different needs, so we make time to discuss your unique history and goals for the massage. We understand the importance of listening. This is especially important in today’s age of rushed healthcare.

    We do request that you arrive about 15 minutes early for your appointment, so we have time to talk about your goals and begin the massage at the scheduled time. This is especially important before your first visit.

    No Contracts

    You decide when you come in, and how often you need massage. We’ll never pressure you to sign a contract or receive a fixed number of massages a year. If we think you would benefit from a series of massages, we will make a recommendation in the interest of your well-being. We won’t pressure you and we won’t charge you a monthly, use it or lose it fee. You’re always in charge of your schedule.

    No Surprises

    Under massage franchise contracts, you can’t be sure who your therapist will be from one appointment to the next. You may find a therapist you like, but discover at the next appointment, they’re no longer with the franchise. When you’re rockin’ with us, you’ll always know your therapist. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know, and you’ll always have the option to schedule with your preferred therapist.

    We Offer What Franchises Cannot

    At Rockin’ Good Health, your care drives everything we do. From understanding your needs to the attention to detail during a massage, clients at Rockin’ Good Health recognize a quality of touch that separates us from the competition.

    We also care about ourselves. Your therapist at Rockin’ Good Health takes time to rest, eat healthy foods, exercise and always continue to learn more about health and massage, all in an effort to better serve you.

    Our Commitment

    At Rockin’ Good Health, client needs and well-being comes first. We’ll never pressure you to buy products you don’t need, or make claims outside our scope of practice or experience. You’ll recognize our caring, the quality it creates and, ultimately, the positive, therapeutic experience. We expect to earn your trust by maintaining this quality and caring.

    We know you have choices, and we’re honored that you have chosen Rockin’ Good Health. We know that we offer what no franchise can. Our independence is what lets us put you first, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve.