Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub: The Benefits

Dead Sea salt makes a wonderful base for a refreshing foot scrub. Along with simple massage oil, and a dash of your favorite essential oil, this simple recipe has plenty of benefits. Not to mention, a foot scrub just feels awesome! But besides the relaxing, fresh, feeling of a great foot scrub, what are the real benefits of a dead sea salt foot scrub?

A Wealth of Minerals in Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salt contains a wealth of minerals that are good for your skin. These minerals help to soothe, detoxify, exfoliate, and leave your feet soft, and clean. Some of the amazing minerals in Dead Sea salt include:

Calcium promotes skin growth and regeneration. Calcium also helps your skin create sebum, which aids in moisture retention. 

Magnesium also promotes healthy cell growth, and reduces inflammation. It’s a powerful skin detoxifier, too.

Potassium keeps your skin hydrated and supple.

Sodium is effective at cleaning and exfoliating skin,  and relieving sore muscles. It also neutralizes free radicals that harm skin cells. 

Sulphur is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and helps speed healing, while helping to unclog your skin’s pores.

Zinc protects the skin’s lipids, and the cells responsible for creating collagen. Zinc also promotes healing.

What Does a Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub Do For Your Feet?

The combination of the minerals in Dead Sea Salt, and the action of foot scrubbing, have many benefits for your feet, and your health. 

Exfoliation: The sodium in Dead Sea salt is a natural exfoliator. And the scrubbing action is wonderful for removing rough, dead, skin from trouble spots like your heels.

Cleansing: Dead Sea salt is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. Your feet will feel clean and fresh.

Deodorizing: Your feet are naturally deodorized by the antifungal, cleansing effects of a Dead Sea salt foot scrub.

Relaxing: Having someone scrub your feet with Dead Sea salt soothes aching muscles in your feet, eases muscle cramps, and is totally calming.

And did I mention that it feels great?

Are You Ready for Your Foot Scrub?

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Now, doesn’t that sound yummy?

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