Choices: Chiropractic? Massage? Which one, When, Both? It Depends!

Chiropractic and Massage. Separate, distinct, complementary! I’ve been given an opportunity to explain Chiropractic, when and why, and Massage, when and how. And it’s a great question. I’d like to offer some basic insights and information for the general public. So in the next couple of minutes I will attempt to touch on the highlights to help you to better understand when is a good time to see either of these healthcare providers or both.

Here is a short list of comparisons and differences to gain more clarity when deciding who to seek out for your care goals.

  • Massage and Chiropractic are professions that at first may look very similar.
  • Both require you to be present, so a zoom call would not really benefit, as with telemedicine.
  • Appointments for both occur in a one on one setting with the practitioner and care is hands-on.
  • Most often the clients receive care lying down on a table. But that is not always necessary and there are often times where care can be provided in a seated position.
  • And suffice to say that both experiences often result in the client feeling better.
  • Advanced hours of training and certification are required with license renewal as each state dictates.

Now, for the differences.


  • Massage addresses the muscles, is relaxing, invigorating and can improve circulation of the lymphatic system.
  • People schedule appointment for a massage when they are in need of relaxation, but also for therapeutic use after an injury, post-surgery or say after a vigorous sports activity for example.

Those are just the highlights! And there are a myriad of types of massage as well and each can be tailored to meet the needs of the client.


  • Chiropractic is the art and science of locating misaligned vertebrae in the spine. The spinal bones protect the nerve system, nerves that exit between each level are vital to flow of information to all body systems. Vertebral misalignments, ‘subluxations’ interfere with brain body communication and result in a loss of function, ease and adaptation, essential for life and healing. Subluxations can occur from many scenarios, from pregnancy to birth, to work and accidents or life style stresses.

Here’s the Take Away

It is not necessary to have a symptom for either of these disciplines to yield significant benefits from a massage or a chiropractic adjustment. And while a majority of general public often waits until there is an ache or pain before scheduling, more and more people and families are seeking options to prevent issues and support their bodies. Your massage therapist will work on muscles and soft tissue, and your chiropractor will check and examine the spine, offering corrective adjustments to support the nerve system. Both will offer skills in the style and preference and safety needs of that particular client.

When to Call

The majority of the public have found the benefits of both of these disciplines in tandem or separately in the course of their self-care. Maintenance or well care plans can vary from weekly, to twice monthly or monthly. Still others will call only after they have an injury before they call. Massage is sought out by people looking to enhance their well-being and they will schedule self-care regularly as their preference. Of note: When there has been a trauma, both Chiropractic and Massage are an excellent combination to assist in full recovery and function.

So if you ask “should I get a massage or should I see a chiropractor?” The answer is both! You’ll receive muscular relaxation benefits and improved comfort at Rockin’ Good Health and you will receive excellent spinal care, spinal hygiene education for your frame for improved function, balance and stronger resistance at Marcus Family Chiropractic.

Massage and Chiropractic are two significant health care choices when looking to create your self-care routine. When researching how best to round out your options, look to have a ‘triangle’ to achieve balance of the body, mind and spirit. Also consider reflexology, tai chi classes, Epsom soaks, meditation, Pilates, yoga. These options would be an excellent third choice to rotate into your triune of health and healing. If you can get a personal referral, it’s always a help. Search for reviews as well when making your decision. Any specific questions? Consults are generally offered.

Dr. Nalyn Marcus is a family chiropractor in the Lehigh Valley for over 30 years. Her focus is spinal hygiene, patient education and wellness care. She is a speaker, writer and author of the monthly patient newsletter, The Subluxation-Free Press. Dr. Marcus is a mentor and happily sees expectant moms, babies, seniors and everyone in between.
For more information check out ChiroMom.com

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